Have you ever longed to study the bible at a deeper level, but never known where to start? The bible for life course is just for you then. Unpacking books of the bible over the course of 9 months, we navigate some beautiful truths and bring wisdom to a very complex library of literature. Scripture used to always be read in the context of a group, before the printing press distributed it to the masses and the individual read it in isolation.

We believe that the bible is as relevant today in a group setting as it has ever been and with a little help from some amazing facilitation and teaching it can really be enjoyed like a four course meal.

The Bible for Life material is the brain child of Nick Crawley and his website and this ministry tool is designed to help disciples (apprentices) of Jesus make more 'apprentices of Jesus', just as Jesus commissioned us in Matthew 28:19-20. It is designed not only to help you understand the essential message of the Bible books, but to put them into practice, live them out, and participate in the dynamic life of the Kingdom of God.

Starting in September through May.

This course is included in the full time course and is an elective bible course for the evening course.

When you are accepted, you will track for 9 months with a group meeting weekly for 2 hours a week during term time in a morning session. The course is run on a Thursday between 11 am and 1 pm.

We require an 80% attendance rate to graduate you through this course. Please make sure you can commit to this before saying yes.

Apply by registering your interest for this course by emailing gwynneth@releaseacademy.org our courses manager and paying the application fee here.