“Creativity is not a mood. Creativity is not a gift. It’s the very nature of God inside of you.” - Dan McCollum

  • Do you have a dream to create?

  • Are you someone who creates professionally?

  • Do you perform in public regularly?

  • Do you feel fully yourself as you do these things?

  • Are you free from self doubt?

  • When you do these things do you feel fulfilled?

    If your answer to any of the 1st questions was Yes, and any of the 2nd questions No, then this course is for you.

This is not a course based on skill level. We are not trying to teach you the next skill that might make you “successful”. We already believe you are able to create and define what success is for yourself.

We are looking deeper.

This is why ability in this course is not important. We believe high end professionals are able to get as much from this course as keen enthusiastic amateurs who are taking their first tentative steps into the endless ocean of creativity.

You are going to enter a family living room style environment of safety, celebration, encouragement, truth and healthy feedback.

We are going to take you back to what God says about the origins of you, of creativity, of purpose and dreaming.

Prepare to examine for yourself what is a biblical, spirit-filled understanding & foundation of creativity. What does it mean to be a creative being, led by the Holy Spirit?

Things that frustrate you, hold you back, leave you feeling unfulfilled… together with you we will bring them into the light. We will examine and talk about fears that pull the strings unseen from the shadows of your mind and show you how to expose these to truth and take authority over areas of your life.

When you meet the original you, the real you, you will be free to choose how you want to spend the rest of your life creating, in relationship with a Creator God.

You will leave having experienced a culture that you can take with you. A culture of empowering you to explore curiously and find out answers for yourself.

You will learn how to dream in a new way. You will gain vision of what is important to you. You will be free to make choices. You will get out what you choose to put in.

 Apply by registering your interest for this course by emailing gwynneth@releaseacademy.org our courses manager and paying the application fee here.