Our full-time course runs during the week and includes all of our stand alone courses, currently running between Wednesday - Friday, with classes between 10am - 4pm but potentially between 8.30-4pm Tuesday to Friday.

Our full-time school includes both the evening class. Wednesday evenings and one Saturday a month. And 6 of our part-time courses to be completed to graduate, see all of them here. It is the perfect solution for those who need to work part-time but also want to study with us.

The beauty of this course is that students have choice. As to which courses they do as long as one bible is included. It is intense though, so not to be undertaken lightly. Saying that if you hungry and teachable you will definitely thrive.

More selections of courses will grow year on year. This course is ideal for those who have just become Christians or desire a deeper empowered walk with God.