Identity and intimacy are two sides of the same coin. As we get revelation of - and grow in - our identity, we gain intimacy with the Father; as we grow in intimacy with Him, we get deeper revelation of our identity.

The Identity and Intimacy course focuses specifically on what it means to be children of God - sons and daughters to a Father whose passion for us is relentlessly good, who is constantly looking for connection with us, and whose good opinion of us can seem almost offensive! It is about knowing whose we are and, in that, knowing who we are.

We have experienced the incredible freedom that comes from the revelation that we are loved, fought for and completely redeemed by the Father. Knowing whose and who we are releases us into such hope, joy, peace and excitement for life, and the confidence to go into the world and change it by witnessing to the incredible, transforming love of God that changed us.

This course will immerse you in the Gospel that heals and restores; it will be powerful in the journey of renewing your mind; and it will introduce you to God in ways that will change you forever. You will learn to see who you are from God’s perspective. It’s said a lot, but your life truly won’t be the same!

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