The Garden Project (South Africa)

Rubbish dump Garden

We believe in sustainability and helping the projects we have deep relationship with flourish. If you would like to support this intiative or just find out more about our friends:

Global Mercy Missions

We would like to raise £1000 for the garden to be sustained for 1 year’s labour cost.

  • This will benefit the local community and help bring sustainability to some of the longer term missionaries.

  • The majority of the costs will be used for labour costs to work the ground and intial costs to prepare the ground.

  • We have succefully raised enough funds for the intial irrigation system and soil with ideas to work with farming God’s way.

  • This support will help the local community in awareness and create a healthy educational activity for the children in the area.


We would be very grateful for any support and hope to visit the project annually to retain accountability and on going relationship/heart connection.