Want to know what our previous students think about their time with Release Academy?
Have a watch of a few of the many testimonies from the past nine months!

Sarah Dickens

This testimony is by the amazing Sarah, who shares about her experience at Release Academy. Hit play to hear the story of how God's peace impacted a homeless man in Bristol, and how a prophecy given to Sarah helped a friend in need.


We met with Alice to hear about her experience at Release Academy. Watch the whole video to hear how stepping into a community that was running after God's freedom and wholeness helped fight depression, and how she got to experience God healing a woman's broken arm.


Meet Vincent, a recent graduate from Release Academy! We met up to chat about his journey over the past year; listen in to hear how a prophecy he received changed his relationship with Jesus, and filled him with a supernatural peace.


We met with Laura to hear about her experience at Release Academy. Watch it and hear about her breakthrough with conquering the critical voice that had followed her for years, and why she thinks YOU should join Release Academy 2018.


We met with Abigail to talk about her experience at Release Academy. Watch it, and hear the amazing testimony of her nephew's healing through prayer, and the belief that God cares and performs miracles today! If you would like to join Release Academy 2018, click the link below www.releaseacademy.org